June 17, 2024
Company Updates

WooCommerce Integration is Here at Remail.ai!

Discover how Remail.ai's new WooCommerce integration can revolutionize your online store. With a custom AI chatbot, your business can provide personalized, real-time customer service and support, ensuring your customers always have the best shopping experience. Upgrade your e-commerce setup today with Remail.ai and stay ahead of the competition.

WooCommerce Integration is Here at Remail.ai!

We’re super excited to roll out a brand-new feature that's going to make a big splash: WooCommerce integration is now live on Remail.ai! This update is a game-changer for how you talk with your customers, and it’s something we think you’re going to love.

Say Hello to Your Shop’s New Best Friend: A Custom AI Chatbot

Ever wished you could have an assistant that knows your online shop inside out? Well, now you can. Our new AI chatbot integrates directly with your WooCommerce shop, learning all about your products, pricing, and more. It’s like having a super-smart buddy ready to answer any question your customers throw at it.

What Makes It So Special?

Unlike other chatbots that just use basic, unchanging info, our chatbot stays up-to-date with whatever’s happening on your site. New product? Price change? No problem. The chatbot updates automatically, so it’s always ready to give your customers the right answers without any extra fuss.

Better Shopping Experience? Check!

This isn’t just about answering questions fast. It’s about making shopping smoother and more personal for everyone who visits your site. The chatbot helps customers find what they’re looking for, get recommendations, and sort out details without having to wait around. Happy customers stick around longer and come back more often.

Why It’s a Big Deal?

With this new tool, Remail.ai isn’t just keeping up; we’re setting ourselves apart. While other platforms stick with basic chatbots, we’re giving you one that grows with your business and keeps getting smarter every day.

Ready to Give It a Whirl?

Getting started with our WooCommerce integration is easy. Simply follow the following steps:

1. Sign up and go to the integration page (https://app.remail.ai/integrations)
2. Go the Integration -> WooCommerce page (https://app.remail.ai/integrations/woo-commerce)
3. Click on "New Integration" and enter the details.
Note: You can find the the customer key and secret in your WooCommerce account. Check here for more info.
4. Done!

For further step by step guidance, please check our help center.

Remail WooCommerce Integration

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